A gem for transforming the future

The jewelry brand APODEMIA joins Mumbai Smiles in the fight against human trafficking. Apodemia reaffirms its social commitment through a unique and special gem for its meaning. This firm has designed and produced a limited edition collection, [...]

23 September, a day to defend

September 23: International Day Against Trafficking In January 1999, the World Conference of the Coalition Against Human Trafficking and the Women’s Conference  in Dhaka, Bangladesh was held. At this meeting it was agreed to establish [...]

Begum: when the solution turns into a nightmare

Begum: in search of solution  Begum is 34 years old, she is the youngest of 4 siblings, one boy and two girls, who lived with her parents in Satkhira district (Bangladesh). They married her when she was 13 years old and was studying in 8th [...]

Kavita: chasing the future

To explain the story of Kavita and her effort to pursue a dignified future, we have to start with the story of another woman, Komal. Komal lives in Khadavali (W) in Thane district (Maharashtra) and has a five-year-old son. Due to the precarious [...]

23 September: virtual demonstration against human trafficking

We invite you to the virtual demonstration that will take place against Human Trafficking on September 23. In Mumbai alone, 400,000 women are victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. 180,000 of them are minors. Trafficking in human [...]

Human Trafficking is worsening due to the pandemic

The latest data from the United Nations on human trafficking around the world is not encouraging at all. Contrary to what one might think, due to movement restrictions in much of the planet, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a huge vulnerability [...]

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