The lockdown for sexually exploited women in Mumbai

India’s 2020 COVID-19 lockdown was one of the strictest in the world, leaving millions of people surviving in the informal economy left to fend for themselves. The added consequences of the pandemic were hunger and need for thousands of [...]

Chronicle of a rescue

A few days ago we announced the rescue of two girls who were being sexually exploited. This is the story of this rescue. In the beginning of May we received news about two girls who were being sexually exploited in a small hotel in Virar East, a [...]

Thank you!

The Solidarity Auction for Ukraine has ended, but not our commitment to the situation of displaced people and those vulnerable to being trafficked in this war. We want to thank all the people and companies that have participated in this action, [...]

These are the parliaments of Mumbai Smiles

We like explaining why the preschools of Mumbai Smiles have great value. On the one hand, they have it because for many boys and girls they are a safe space, which protects them from child labor, from begging or from falling into the hands of [...]

Know the story of Meena, in Madrid

Meena was born in Murshidabad (Kolkata). Her parents and her five brothers and sisters lived in dire financial straits. Her mother was always sick, and neither she nor her siblings could go to school because they had no money. At 13, a friend of [...]

More visitors are coming!

As we have recently told you, our projects can now be revisited , and thus can know about the reality of the communities where we conduct these projects, with whom we work to build a fairer world. Today, we are happy to share an experience about [...]

Informative video of Jaume Sanllorente from Mumbai

As you know, India is experiencing an intense heat wave, which is pushing the second most populous country in the world to the limit. During April and March, India reached the highest average temperature recorded in the last 122 years. And the [...]

Newsltter Sonrisas de Bombay


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