At Mumbai Smiles we fight peacefully against poverty and for Human Rights, with special emphasis on human trafficking in different Asia regions.

Help Latika
to achieve her dream

Rescuing 20 girls from human trafficking

Rescuing 20 girls
from human trafficking

for Joy

We need you! You too can peacefully fight against poverty

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  • Oscar Xarrié

    We have a moral obligation to try to equalize, at least a little, the distribution of wealth on the planet.

    Oscar Xarrié Volunteer
  • Josep Santacreu

    Collaborating with Mumbai Smiles is a guarantee that the resources transferred to them will be put to good use.

    Josep Santacreu Director, Delegate DKV, Seguros
  • Melany

    “Seeing kindergarten children in a healthy, safe environment and their smiles through what they learn is priceless. "

    Melany Visitante