Gita: when innocence is shattered into a thousand pieces

Gita had a humble life with her family in West Bengal. But the truth is that things were not easy, so her parents decided that the girl, at the age of thirteen, would emigrate to Mumbai with her uncle in search of a better future. And so it was, [...]

Constant work with the communities in Bangladesh

In the southwest of Bangladesh we work hand in hand with the  Agrogoti Sangstha, organization, both offering support to women who have experienced this situation and have been able to break the chains of human trafficking and prevention. And it [...]

Udaan: a home of the human trafficking survivors

A few days ago we have shared the news of the first anniversary of our Udaan shelter home with you all. It was the same day on which we celebrated Diwali festival. It was an emotional tribute, with full of light and enthusiasm which brought [...]

We continue the JAL legacy in Pondicherry

This year we made a commitment to continue the mission of JAL, Leprosy Action Board, and its projects in South India. An organization with which we have been fortunate to work sharing objectives, for years. With this collaboration, JAL [...]


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There are no upcoming events.

Media coverege

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