Rumita: Nothing can stop us

Rumita, name changed to protect her identity, is 16 years old, in grade 10, from a small town called Ramchandrakhali, about three hours from Kolkata. Today, she is an active, confident and [...]

When studying is in danger

2,000 km from Mumbai, in the Sundarban delta area (West Bengal), lives Soumita. This area is the largest mangrove forest in the world and forms the confluence delta of the Ganges, Brahmaputra and [...]


“I RUN, THEY LEARN” Today we want to share a news which encourages and makes us especially proud of the Udaan shelter, which we have opened for women who have managed to break the [...]

We continue working for the prevention from Nepal

In the end of 2021 we spoke about returning home of a young women who participated in the program promoted in collaboration with the Chhori in Nuwakot, to prevent them from falling into the hands [...]

Coming back to their homes

In Nuwakot, Nepal, we work hand in hand with the local organization Chhori, to prevent girls from the poorest rural communities from falling into the hands of human trafficking networks. For [...]

Marala: 12 crucial hours

Marala’s story is our one more important step because we are talking about a life, but it is also necessary to follow other steps which will help more girls and women to be free. As you [...]

Going beyond the numbers of human trafficking

Human trafficking is a dark phenomenon that happens in the dark. As we have previously reported, the latest international data shows an upward trend in human trafficking around the world. But [...]

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