Episode 5 of “A smiles in the backpack”

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Episode 5: The face of hope

A documentary about the reality of human trafficking starring
Ana Duato and María Bernardeau.

We come to the end of this 5-part series in which the actress, Ana Duato and her daughter, María Bernardeau, have brought us closer, through their journey and their perspective, to an injustice as it is treated.

They have shown us exciting moments in schools, with children and young people who, thanks to the intervention of the projects, can aspire to a life with very different opportunities from those of their mothers. But they have also shown us the harshness of this reality that is estimated, according to data from the International Labor Organization (ILO), in 2022, to affect around 50 million people in the world. They have done so through direct testimonies such as in chapters 3 and 4 when they meet a young woman who has escaped trafficking, or are in contact with women who live in slavery.

In the fifth and final chapter of the series it is time to meet the brave women of Udaan Centre. “An example of courage and improvement” in the words of our protagonists. Survivors of trafficking welcomed in the project promoted by the organization so that they begin the path towards rehabilitation and regaining control of their lives.

Just a month ago we celebrated its third anniversary and we are very satisfied with the path taken by the eight women who have already completed their journeys through the center. Currently there are 4 survivors and three children who live in Udaan.

But better than continuing reading, play the video and you will be able to discover its reality with the best company and even enjoy a delicious potato omelet. With this song of hope for a better future, we come to the end of this series that we have presented to you with great enthusiasm and pride thanks to the priceless collaboration of Ana, María, Hector, Miguel Ángel and the entire Group of Ganga team.

Thank you for your interest and commitment in the fight against trafficking!

This and the rest of the chapters are available on our youtube channel

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