Afterwork Madrid, an emotional meeting

For two years that Mumbai Smiles has had a presence in Madrid, it had not been possible to hold a face-to-face meeting without restrictions due to CVID-19, with our collaborating partners, donors [...]

15 days behind the clue

New Rescue case   Sometimes vague and unclear information leads to a successful rescue. In this case, a very weak lead has helped the Mumbai Smiles rescue team to locate two victims and [...]

Deepti: heal wounds to conquer the future

On May 13, the Mumbai Smiles team made it possible to rescue two women from a massage parlor in Virar West in Maharashtra. One of them is married and returned to her husband, who will probably [...]

A wonderful exchange!

This is how the visits to our projects have been this August! These last few weeks we have been lucky enough to meet fantastic people, who have wanted to dedicate part of their trips to better [...]

Ramya: The other side of the same coin

LAst ,pnth we told you the story of Smita, a story of overcoming. This month we want to tell you about her sister’s story, Ramya, who also participates in the Life Skills Empowerment [...]

Karuna, psychologist in Mumbai Smiles

Today we want you to get to know Karuna better, the team’s psychologist, and also the work she does at Mumbai Smiles. This is her story: My name is Karuna Anand Kithani. I am a psychologist [...]

And Beatriz again…

Remember, few days ago we introduced to you Bea Yago?  Bea is the person in charge of our volunteer group in Valencia. Well, this woman never ceases to amaze us. A few days ago we received a [...]