Constant work with the communities in Bangladesh

In the southwest of Bangladesh we work hand in hand with the  Agrogoti Sangstha, organization, both offering support to women who have experienced this situation and have been able to break the [...]

Udaan: a home of the human trafficking survivors

A few days ago we have shared the news of the first anniversary of our Udaan shelter home with you all. It was the same day on which we celebrated Diwali festival. It was an emotional tribute, [...]

Sabina has a plan to improve her life

Sabina was little when her life, which was not easy at first, began to get complicated. When Sabina was nine years old she was living with her mother and a father. Her father got remarried a [...]

Hairdressing workshop in Nuwakot

The rural areas of Nepal are the top spots for trafficking networks to target girls and women who will later be transferred to red neighborhoods such as that of  Kamathipura to be sexually [...]

Fiction to raise awareness

A few days ago we told you the  story of Begum, a woman from the Satkhira district of Bangladesh, a survivor of human trafficking whom we are supporting through Agrogoti Sangstha, the [...]

Workshops to sow confidence

One of the main activities of the organization we work with in Kolkata, Goranbose Gram Bikash Kendra (GGBK), in the fight against human trafficking is, prevention and through the Suraksha project [...]

Nani: the power of motivation

I am Nani and my story could be that of any of my companions. I was born in January 2000, in a rural area of Nepal, Nuwakot. My parents already had an older son and daughter and another brother [...]