Sarita y her fight to change her life

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Sarita shares a story about how she fights to change her life


The safe space we support in Kathmandu in the form of a center for women victims of sexual exploitation is a lifeline for many women. Sarita is only 16 years old and driven by poverty and the exclusion situation of her family, she has been forced to experience this strong setback in her life.

Despite this, she is strong, she has hope and believes that she deserves a different life. She herself explains her story to us.

As we have already mentioned it, she is 16 years ols and lives in Kathmandu. However, she comes from a town where she lived with her family, her parents, her seven sisters and four brothers. She is the daughter of her father’s external relationship. The situation in her house was precarious and to find solutions, her father went to work outside, but nothing improved, and there was a lot of tension in her house. Therefore, witnessing poverty firsthand, Sarita did not grow up in a loving and caring environment.

While working away from home, suddenly her father stopped sending money to his family back in Kathmandu, this was the moment when  Sarita moved out of her house to study, as well as to earn money. She tried very hard, but she couldn’t find a decent job. Then her sister, who had already followed the same path as of hers’, told her that she could work with her in a restaurant. The problem was that sometimes, relationships with clients went further.

Sarita thought about it a lot, but she was desperate and she followed her sister. The situation for her was very difficult and she soon confirmed that her salary did not cover her expenses nor could she help her family.

She started to have a really bad time. She was very discouraged, she was unable to smile and the anguish was killing her inside. But suddenly, she found a ray of light. She learned about the women’s center that we promoted in Kathmandu and slowly she began to participate, to share her experiences, to meet more girls like her and to see that there are alternatives. She now receives psychological support and also support for her training. She firmly believes that she will get out of this life, she is much more at peace now. She is going to achieve, but in the meantime she is going to rely on our center and its resources as much as she can.


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