Distribution of Spectacles

An eye screening camp was set up from the 7th to the 9th at one of our partner schools, Samata School for children in collaboration with Aditya Jyot foundation. There were around 1300 children [...]

An Effort to Render Relief from Cataract

On the 8th of October, Mumbai Smiles provided both; free of cost spectacles and cataract surgery for those diagnosed with cataract post their eye-check up. A  Diabetic Retinopathy and Eye check [...]

World through Children’s Eyes

Filled with humility and pride, we announce the successful completion of another of our endeavors in the Health Department. Taking the Eye Care Project to another level, we have managed to [...]

For The Love Of Sight

Filling up the crescents of our visual globe, Mumbai Smiles organized a free of cost Spectacle Distribution Event. Identifying beneficiaries with refractive errors, this camp was set up to [...]