How Indira found her lifesaver

This is the testimony of Indira Hi, I’m Indira. Well, this is not my real name, I have changed it to preserve my identity, because I want to be completely honest with my story. I am from [...]

The free hands of Rizwan

The hands that you see in this photo is of Rizwan. He is one of the first people we are accompanying through our action against trafficking, which we have also promoted in Spain since this year. [...]

Gita: the reins of her life, in her hands

This young woman came scared, but hopeful, to our center. As we said, making her decision was complicated by everything that had to be broken and everything that had to be run away from, but the [...]

Meena has suffered child marriage

At the end of March we rescued a 19-year-old girl who lived on the street. The fictitious name with which we refer to her to protect her identity is Meena. The girl left home fleeing from the [...]

Vinita: strength of a mother

Vinita has entered our Udaan foster home and a new future opens up for her and her daughter When Vinita was 17 years old, her father took her to a hostel run by an organization in Kamathipura, [...]

Asiya: the burden of a decision

Asiya is 21 years old and carrying the burden of a decision She was born in a small village in the Satkhira district, in Bangladesh, in a family with very few basic resources, but her parents [...]