Gita: the reins of her life, in her hands

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This young woman came scared, but hopeful, to our center. As we said, making her decision was complicated by everything that had to be broken and everything that had to be run away from, but the need to fight for her future and that of her family gave her the necessary impetus.

The year 2020, with the COVID-19 pandemic, had been especially hard, not only because of what the pandemic implied in terms of uncertainty and health, but also because of its economic consequences, which in families like hers were devastating. She was one step away from being homeless, and that’s when she found out about our project and the opportunity to join it arose.

Today we can state emphatically that Gita has taken great advantage of this opportunity. She has participated with the desire to grow on a personal and professional level in the different sessions proposed. Both her work with the psychologist, individually and collectively, as well as in training spaces: aesthetics and hairdressing; sewing; gardening and crafts. Although what Gita enjoys the most is cooking. She loved taking care of this activity in the center. In fact, she remembers one of her best days, when she was cooking with the actress, Ana Duato, and with her daughter, María de ella, what a pleasure to be able to share cookingskills!

Another of the things that she remembers with the most emotion and pride was when she managed, with the help of our team, for her grandson to be admitted to a center in Mumbai where she could live safely and protected from her father’s alcoholism problems. .

And you will noticed that we have said that she loved to be engaged in this activity in Udaan. Well, we speak in the past tense because Gita is now ready to go her own way and she is going to start her own business. A food stall in Kamathipura: the income of which will support her and her family. She is happy, and very excited! And at Mumbai Smiles we brim with pride.

We are going to continue by her side, with a new dose of energy that we hope will allow more people like Gita to explain that in two years they have managed to turn her life around towards satisfaction and personal autonomy. At last, she has the reins of her life in her hands, so she can build her future and that of her family.

This reintegration phase of our line of work in the fight against trafficking is essential to make a difference, we also hope to have the necessary support to continue reaping experiences like this. #breakwithtrafficking


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