Handicraft Training – SEED

A while ago, we had conducted a parents meeting wherein we were informed by the parents the need for handicraft training. 75 women attended this meeting and their requests were put forward. Owing [...]

With Love

One of the most special feelings in the world is when your hard work is appreciated and it’s even better when it comes from those you working for.  Sometime back, our Future Smiles and SEED [...]

Providing Sight to their Vision

The world is such a beautiful place; even with its shortcomings it always exudes charm and marvel. Poor eyesight can make this vision of beauty blurred and nobody wants that. The gift of sight is [...]

Health before Wealth

Being healthy is one of our fundamental requirements; especially when it comes to young girls. There are so many areas of concern and awareness which need to be brought to notice that would help [...]

Tailoring the Future

In today’s world, being self-sufficient is as important as the process of breathing. Owning the skills which allows one to make a living to survive is one of the crucial aspects of life. To make [...]