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The fight against human trafficking does not understand borders, in fact, one of the main problems that many victims of trafficking encounter is that they are in another country, with another culture, facing a language that they do not understand and without anyone they know. For this reason, traffickers often do not even need to use violence because by isolating the victims from their environment they already make them unprotected and can thus exploit them.

In order to help victims who find themselves in this situation in our country, a few years ago we created our trafficking prevention project in Spain. This unit works mainly from prevention, offering awareness workshops on this problem and training to those institutions and entities where potential victims of trafficking can be identified. These trainings for professionals from different strategic sectors such as health centers, tourist environments or shelters serve to identify detection factors to recognize a possible victim and know how to report a possible case.

Thanks to our heritage and our work in countries like Nepal, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, our project has also focused a lot on rehabilitation. For this reason, we have a complete integration program to be able to provide support to people who are victims of trafficking from this area.

How our insertion program work

When a person arrives who has been a victim of human trafficking or exploitation, the most important thing is to know their story and their needs in order to evaluate how we can support them.

For this, the language barrier is usually a problem and that is why we have translation services to make communication easier. Once this step is completed, we can offer legal support if there is a complaint or judicial process underway. In fact, according to Spanish law, a victim of trafficking (who is usually here in an irregular situation) has the right to a work and residence permit.

There are times when the person wants to return to their country of origin, that is why, at Mumbai Smiles we offer them the possibility of returning if they wish. We coordinate, together with our team in South Asia and the competent authorities, on a case-by-case basis, their return home in a way that is safe and easy so that they do not have to depend on human trafficking mafias.

Integral accompaniment

For those who choose to remain in Spain, it is very important that they have a good integration into society. To do this, they have a representative from our team who is responsible for providing comprehensive support and managing the different social resources for their integration.

We offer psychological and socio-occupational support, so that they can access new opportunities and have a successful insertion. One of the first steps of this program is to learn or improve the language, which is why they take courses so that they can handle themselves well. We also offer vocational training courses thanks to which they have many opportunities to find employment. We have collaborations with some entities that offer workshops and training in jobs such as cooking, warehouse clerk, etc. so that they can access decent jobs.

Once they are trained, we also help them in their search for employment, thanks to collaborations with temporary employment companies, and so that they do not fall into exploitation again.

Stop to continue

Many of the people we work with, once they are freed from trafficking and exploitation, find themselves alone in our country without any salary to survive or to send to their families (the main reason they emigrated in the first place). Our team finds that it is often difficult to ask them not to work for a period of time to complete our insertion program, since they need a home and to send money to their family.

That is why it is important to make them understand that thanks to the insertion program they will have more opportunities to find a decent job that gives them the option of a better future.

Thanks to your support we can continue doing this and much more.

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