Two more young women are rescued from the exploitation

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With this, there are now 57 victims of trafficking rescued thanks to our specialized team in Mumbai

The eradication of human trafficking and transformative action through access to education, health and socioeconomic development are the main objectives of our projects in India, Nepal, Bangladesh and also in Spain. Despite the efforts made in prevention, the reality is that many women and girls continue to be victims of human trafficking and the sexual exploitation. Therefore, one more strong action that we take in the fight against trafficking is intervention or rescue.

Thanks to our teams working in the field, always working in collaboration with local authorities and specific anti-trafficking units, we have managed to rescue more than 55 victims, later offering them a safe place for their rehabilitation. Last week, the specialized Mumbai Smiles unit was able to help in the rescue operation that freed two young women who were being exploited. And after this operation, we have saved 57 lives.

RescatadasAfter field work carried out by the police and rescue teams, two university students aged 23 and 26 from very poor families were located who had been deceived with a job offer as waitresses in a hotel. After accepting the offer both the students arrived at the hotel. Since then, the traffickers were forcing them to work as victims and involved them in the prostitution business to earn money through them. We are grateful for the good coordination between the team and the official authorities. Now, the trafficker is arrested and the rescued girls have been transferred to a shelter to receive counselling and appropriate procedure for their rehabilitation. They are in safe hands. Later, the girls will be able to decide if they want to return to their native place or remain in the shelter home.

Since 2020 we have carried out 38 rescues, through which we rescued 57 people from trafficking and 21 are arrested. Thanks to your support . We can do much more.

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