24 February: a year of war in Ukraine

24 February: a year of war in Ukraine It is a particularly sad anniversary: one year has passed since the Russian army’s invasion of Ukraine. A year in which the disastrous consequences of [...]

Visits from thousands of kilometers

We welcomed 2023 with visits from thousands of kilometers These last weeks of 2022 and the first month of the year 2023, we have been very busy with visitors. We are thankful to the visits we [...]

2022 in Mumbai Smiles

2022 in Mumbai Smiles To say goodbye to the year, we want to share with all the people who support us and allow us to progress in our mission, some of the most outstanding achievements, during [...]

Happy Christmas holidays!

Sometimes a look, a hug, a caress or a smile are the best gift. We wish you the best for this new year and we hope to continue by your side to build a fairer and happier world. Happy Holidays! [...]

Focus Bombay: Rescuing victims of trafficking

Let’s talk about the rescue of victims of trafficking One of Mumbai Smiles’ priority project is the fight against human trafficking. This, together with arms and drugs, is one of the [...]

The journey of Nacho G. Hermoso

Travelling to India is the dream of anyone who does not know this extraordinary country. In the case of Nacho G. Hermoso, traveling to India is almost a vital necessity that he repeats whenever [...]

Jun’s experience in Mumbai Smiles

An experience that take us 7 years back 7 years ago I was carrying out an audiovisual project in Southeast Asia with different organizations that worked in defense of women’s rights. On [...]

Afterwork Madrid, an emotional meeting

For two years that Mumbai Smiles has had a presence in Madrid, it had not been possible to hold a face-to-face meeting without restrictions due to CVID-19, with our collaborating partners, donors [...]

And Beatriz again…

Remember, few days ago we introduced to you Bea Yago?  Bea is the person in charge of our volunteer group in Valencia. Well, this woman never ceases to amaze us. A few days ago we received a [...]