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Visits to our projects in India

Every year, especially during the summer in the northern hemisphere, we receive many visitors, interested in knowing how we work with people from the most disadvantaged communities in Mumbai and the situation of the projects we develop together every day. Primarily it is with donors and partners who collaborate and in other circumstances, the visit tot he projects generates this link. Many of the visits come from Spain, but the people who come are originally from the different parts of the world, which we love.

Today we want share how this summer has been with our wonderful visitors

Antonia’s family

La famila de María

María’s family

We start the season with two great families, Antonia and María. It was really great to know that they decided to spend part of their vacation time with us and that their children participated in the activities at the Sathe Nagar and Deonar preschools. It was really great!

Greg, communication coach too decided to visit us. He had a busy schedule but opted to take time to visit us. In addition to having a busy schedule, he could take some time off and visit us at a preschool in Chedda Nagar. Our Health on Wheels team was able to meet him during one of the health camps that we organize every month in different areas of Mumbai. Greg learned nursery rhymes with our students.

    Greg in the Ccheda Nagar preschool

Mireia and Gerard also stood out with their joy and enthusiasm as they participated in a dance with our Smiling Bus students. They visited us as the 77th Independence Day of India was approaching and all our project students were busy practicing to that special day. Mireia, very fond of dance, joined them and enjoyed dancing to Indian songs. We loved your presence Mireia and Gerard!

We have also some old visitors and our friends which makes us very happy: Manu and Belén visited us again!. With them we visited Mayuri’s house in Vikhroli. Mayuri is one of the Smiling Bus students and leader of the Children’s Parliament that we created with the aim of raising awareness about Human Trafficking in communities and getting the cooperation of all the people we work with.


Vipul, coordinator of the Life Skills Empowerment project, and Suchita, coordinator of Library on Wheels project, explained how we carry out different activities under these projects in the communities. Manu and Belén have been helping us for years and will continue to be by our side. Thank you very much Manu and Belén for your joyful presence and support!

The month of August has ended with three other wonderful people: Nuria, Sandra and Juan. Nuria had been pursuing this goal for some time and has finally achieved it. After working for 4 years at an international school based in India, Nuria understood the language quite a bit and interacted directly with the students. Sandra and Juan learned about our work in Spain and decided to visit us. Thank you Sandra, Juan and Nuria for your visit, we hope to see you again.

What a memorable summer!


                                                                        Nuria, Sandra y Juan



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