Afterwork Madrid, an emotional meeting

For two years that Mumbai Smiles has had a presence in Madrid, it had not been possible to hold a face-to-face meeting without restrictions due to CVID-19, with our collaborating partners, donors [...]

A wonderful exchange!

This is how the visits to our projects have been this August! These last few weeks we have been lucky enough to meet fantastic people, who have wanted to dedicate part of their trips to better [...]

Ramya: The other side of the same coin

LAst ,pnth we told you the story of Smita, a story of overcoming. This month we want to tell you about her sister’s story, Ramya, who also participates in the Life Skills Empowerment [...]

The visit of Mariona, Elia y Claudia

The summer in Spain has brought us really good things in India. Specifically the visits of Mariona, Elia and Claudia. Three fantastic women who have wanted to know our work in the field, after [...]

Organized trips to Mumbai are back. VISIT US!

Like every year, from Mumbai Smiles we encourage you to travel and get to know India in depth and to include a stop in the city of Mumbai in your itinerary, to make a one-day visit to our [...]

“This weekend has been magical.”

“This weekend has been magical.” These are the words in which the founder and General Director of Mumbai Smiles, Jaume Sanllorente, told us how the meeting has been with Agnell, one [...]

Now you can visit our projects in India again!

At Mumbai Smiles we make a great effort to explain what the communities are where we conduct our projects. In explaining their context, their vital challenges, the violations of rights to which [...]

Sant Jordi 2022 against human trafficking

On April 23, after two years without being able to celebrate the Day as we like to do it, Mumbai Smiles returned to the streets to offer you the fabric roses made by women survivors of human [...]

Connecting: Smiling schools

We have already told you in previous posts that during this academic year we have been able to recover the normality of our “Smiling Schools” project, after a year in which we had to keep it [...]

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