Food and shelter, the most urgent needs

Mumbai Smiles team is working tirelessly since the last three months giving priority to the food and shelter needs of the road side dwellers and the families who are connected to us through the [...]

Zoya Bano and her ray of hope

Zoya, a cheerful eight year old girl staying in one of the most vulnerable areas of Mumbai, Transit Camp and studying at Shivajirao Sherge School, has been benefiting from Mumbai Smiles [...]

Your support reaches the people

Support to vulnerable communities is crucial in the times of COVID-19. This graphic shows what we have reached so far thanks to your support and generosity. As mentioned in previous days, we [...]

Nutrition Care for 60 XDR-TB Patients

XDR-TB stands for Extensively Drug Resistant Tuberculosis, a kind of TB that is caused by bacteria resistant to some of the most effective anti-TB drugs. And the team of Infectious Diseases [...]

TB Awareness Rally in Bhandup slums

Tuberculosis or TB was a fatal disease until very recently when its treatment was discovered, if detected at an early stage. The government of India has been conducting many awareness campaigns [...]

212 benefit from General Health Camp

Mumbai being the sparkling, shining city of dreams has slum inhabitation in areas which are considered the hub of posh residences and corporate. One such high end area, which is also being [...]

General Health Camp screens 90 in Bhandup

We are back with updates on the free health camps organised for our beneficiaries in our different project areas across Mumbai. This time, a general health camp was organised in Ishwarnagar area [...]

Free Health Camp in Saibangoda

A free health camp was recently organised in Saibangoda, a tribal area, surrounded by greenery and living in extreme poverty, very close to the plush Film City and luxurious residential [...]

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