Immunization and Malaria & HIV Testing done for 70 citizens

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The team of Infectious Diseases project recently organized a combined health camp in Bhandup, in one of the slum communities in the north of Mumbai, which coexist with a posh residential complex. Bhandup being one of the most upcoming posh areas in Mumbai, with the real estate prices rising everyday and way out of the reach of even the middle-class of the city, the poor are living in some of the worst possible conditions, living next to construction sites, working among particles of dust and construction and working every day, just to make ends meet. With no scope of savings and a struggle to survive just another day with two square meals a day, the citizens of such slum communities are not able to afford any health facility. And with no awareness of the government policies available for the underprivileged, many citizens end up getting engulfed in diseases with no way out of the perils of these illnesses.

The Infectious Team recently organized a free health camp for this particular community in Bhandup. This camp included a general check-up, immunization for the children as well as screening for Malaria and HIV.

With the support of Dr. Sushant Surmane and his team of 23 technicians for different tests (via collection of blood samples) from the Mumbai Municipal Corporation, the camp was successful in screening 70 citizens of this area. While the general checkup included checking each beneficiary’s blood pressure, pulse, temperature and medical history as well, the rest of the tests were specific for which blood test was conducted. The reports of these tests will be provided to all the beneficiaries and those who need treatment, shall be counseled about the same! Also, those diagnosed with regular ailments, such as cold, cough, flu etc were also given free medicines on the spot with instructions on the dosage as well.

We are thankful to all the doctors and technicians for their support in conducting this camp, without whose support the camp would not have been possible and these citizens wouldn’t have been able to receive these health benefits at all! The doctors also gave personal counseling to each beneficiary on hygiene and nutrition as well and the citizens really seemed very happy to receive these benefits!

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