Our Life Skills Empowerment Girls!

We are going to tell you about the Life Skills Empowerment girls, but first, we want to say one thing, something that is very certain: working with boys and girls in the preschool education [...]

Swara: Positive and Very Hard Working

Today we introduce you to Swara Kadam, a member of Mumbai Smiles since 2017. She is a teacher in one of our kindergartens in Chheda Nagar. How did you hear about Mumbai Smiles? I have been [...]

Sarojini Naidu and Her Story

Sarojini was a poet and activist during the struggle of India’s independence, nicknamed “The nightingale of India.” She was one of the leading freedom fighters of women’s rights [...]

Seeds against Domestic Violence

Seeds against Domestic Violence At Mumbai Smiles one of the priorities is to create awareness about violence against women; therefore, we continue to sow seeds against violence against women to [...]


Happy #International Yoga Day! Today we have a very special announcement: the solidarity registration for online Yoga classes in India! The week of June 28 is a solidarity week full of online [...]

Shagufta – More than a Caretaker

Whenever we visit the Udaan center, we are always received with a smiling face and a warm welcomes , making us feel at home almost instantly. She is Shagufta, our caretaker at Udaan, whose [...]

Jaume Sanllorente Overcomes COVID19

We are very happy to share the news and confirm that our Founder and General Director, Jaume Sanllorente has successfully survived COVID19. According to the instructions of the medical team which [...]

One Year of Pandemic

It has been one year of Pandemic! On this same day last year, we all were already been forced to stay at home when the lockdown was imposed due to the spread of the life threatening COVID19 [...]