After-Effects of Cyclone Tauktae on the Communities

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The last few weeks have been exceptionally tough in India. When it seemed that nothing could be worse than the #secondwave of the pandemic, cyclone #Tauktae reached the coasts of the country and posed a new challenge for all its inhabitants. Under this pressure, some important decisions were made, such as to transfer all the people who were being treated at the Mumbai field hospital, the #BKCCovidHospital before May 17. This was an operation that was going to make the situation even more difficult, in which saving lives was the priority.

The threat of the cyclone also impacted heavily on those families living in shanty villages, and especially those who are homeless and live on the streets. These are the conditions to face the pandemic, almost impossible, but the idea of ​​having to face the cyclone with plastic roofs and very unsound structures, was directly a utopia. Many of the beneficiaries of our projects and the community members with whom we practice our social transformation activities, live in this condition.

The cyclone hit hard and has caused considerable damage. Many of the people we work with have lost their homes and are in desperate need of help. Many others have been affected for not being able to go out for work, those who have lost all income, lead to another unending cycle: no money to buy food and essentials. Many people have been in the dark for hours, due to the power outage and without anything to eat.

This was the case with Swaraj and his family. He is 4 years old and he is one of our preschool students from the Aarey Colony kindergartens. Due to the pandemic, his parents have lost their jobs, and together with his grandmother they live in a small place that has been destroyed due to the cyclone, as the large tree fell on their house. Luckily, we haven’t had to face any physical injuries, but they need help – them and so many other families we work with.

Our preschool team is in constant contact with the families, so they are constantly updating their situation. A few days ago, it was our General Director, who after ending a long quarantine, went directly to see the families to assess the situation and be able to support in the best possible way.

We will update you with the next steps that we are going to take to help these families. We request you to help and support us to help these families



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