Heat Wave in India

The second most populous country in the world is experiencing a real heat wave that is testing the limits. During April and March, India reached the highest average temperature recorded in the [...]

Anika, Deepti and Gaurav: Thank You!

The story of Anika, Deepti and Gaurav makes us smile as since last few months they have been working hard to be able to face the serious consequences of the pandemic and to prevent a very [...]

Thank You!

Today we want to send you a big THANK YOU! As you know in recent months, we are focusing our efforts on alleviating the terrible consequences that #SecondWave of #COVID19 is having in India and [...]


Happy #International Yoga Day! Today we have a very special announcement: the solidarity registration for online Yoga classes in India! The week of June 28 is a solidarity week full of online [...]

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