What is Crowd Funding? Micro-Donations which Save Lives

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Slowly, companies are implementing Corporate Social Responsibility actions across all business areas.

One of the reason is due to the fact that more and more customers value a company committed to society and not only the clients, but also the workers of the same companies. Many of them want and need to feel aligned to the values, mission and vision of the company.

But what does this have to do with crowd funding? The word comes from the conjunction of the English words “crowd” and “funding”. One of the ways in which companies can enhance their social action is through micro-donations from their stakeholders, whether they are employees of the company, customers or their own suppliers. Also, by the company itself, which can double the amount of money raised by its environment, and which marks the commitment, not only with the people who are part of it, but with the entity itself.

There are many digital platforms through which micro-donations can be made, among them, we can find our own Website or the company’s intranet. There are also other expert websites, some of them like Migranodearena, GlobalGiving o Worldcoo Through these digital tools, a small amount can be donated easily and efficiently.

Examples of this type of collaboration are the companies TENDAM and DKV which have collaborated with Mumbai Smiles and the Emergency India to buy heparin injections, cardboard beds or masks for people who go to public hospitals with them which work in INDIA as a result of COVID-19.

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