Jaume Sanllorente informs us about the situation of the pandemic in India

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After the summer we wanted to return with another informative piece from our General Director and the founder, Jaume Sanllorente, directly from Mumbai.

After a year and a half of pandemic we have experienced several waves of infections around the world and currently thanks to vaccination, it seems that group immunity is gaining ground to the COVID19 virus. But is this the reality around the world?

No, unfortunately it is not and the communities in a situation of exclusion and impoverished countries are far from obtaining these percentages of the vaccinated population that allow us to advance and improve the global situation in this pandemic.


Of all this, especially focused on the situation in India and from Mumbai, Jaume Sanllorente speaks to us in this new audiovisual. As well as the actions that we are promoting with priority from Mumbai Smiles, especially focused on the registration and vaccination of people.

Another issue highlighted on this occasion is the importance of the reopening of schools, which have been closed in Maharashtra since the beginning of the pandemic. On October 4, they reopened for some higher courses (this news was not known during the recording of the video in September), a fact that also represents an advance and an improvement for the physical and mental situation of many young people, as well as for their training process.

We take this opportunity once again to thank all the people and institutions that are supporting us to be able to act in what is now most necessary. Our peaceful fight against poverty adds to the actions to combat trafficking, which have led us to act beyond Mumbai in the prevention of this form of slavery (Bangladesh, Nepal and Kolkat) these actions that want to guarantee access to health of the most vulnerable people to prevent this disease from being added to the list of diseases linked to poverty.

With your help we will continue to advance in this objective:


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