Chronicle of a rescue

A few days ago we announced the rescue of two girls who were being sexually exploited. This is the story of this rescue. In the beginning of May we received news about two girls who were being [...]

For Priyanka this is not (just) a rose

Priyanka is one of the women who lives in our Udaan shelter for the survivors of human trafficking. She has been part of the team who has made the roses which we will sell this year on the [...]

Pramila, a caretaker in Udaan

Today, we introduce you to a person whose story is very inspiring, who, in a short time has become an important part of the Udaan center. Let’s meet  Pramila. She is 47 years old and has recently [...]

The alternative world of Udaan is growing

As we told you a few weeks ago, before the end of 2022, the alternative world that we have created for women survivors of human trafficking, the Udaan shelter, is growing everyday. Currently six [...]

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