Four rescue operations that we carried out this year

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Four rescue operations: three minors, six adults and five arrested

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Despite the efforts made in preventing measures, the reality is that thousands of women and girls fall into the hands of trafficking networks every year, to live a life of of sexual exploitation. One of our objectives is to rescue them and be able to carry out assisted voluntary returns to their native places if they wish.

This intervention requires perfect coordination with local authorities, the police and specific units to combat human trafficking, whose collaboration is essential.

The first step of any rescue operation involves detailed information gathering to identify girls and women who are being forced into prostitution. When it is certain that they are suffering from a trafficking crime, the support of the Indian police and its Anti-Human Trafficking Units is requested to launch the rescue operation as such. Once released, they are transferred to one of the shelters managed by private organizations or the authorities. There, these survivors are offered a safe space in which they can recover from the traumatic situation they have gone through.

At the same time, the legal procedure is launched to denounce their captors and obtain the exculpation of the women since, on paper, they have suffered a violation of their fundamental rights, but they have also committed various crimes; one of the most common, that of illegal immigration.

This is how the last rescue happened

On March 5, we received a call from the police in Mumbai, as they had identified a 16-year-old girl and a 20-year-old boy in a suspicious situation. According to their story, they had fled New Delhi on March 3, deeply in love. However, her family had reported her disappearance. To which he responded by emphasizing how in love they are.

One of the first actions was to carry out a medical check-up on the couple. Finally, and after the investigation progressed, the girl was sent to a shelter and the boy was arrested. After coordinating the police in Mumbai and New Delhi, and informing the girl’s family, she is now with her family. The boy is arrested pending the evolution of the case.

With this we can say that in 2024 we have already carried out four rescue operations that result in three minors, six adult women released and five arrested.   With your support there can be many more.


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