New rescue: boundary between victim and perpetrator

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Nuevo rescate

Boundry between victim and the perpetrator

Yesterday, north of Mumbai, in Naigaon, we carried out a new rescue: three girls were rescued and another woman was arrested and charged. The operation was carried out jointly with the police.

There was a notice about a flat where a situation of sexual exploitation was possibly taking place. The operation was quickly organized to confirm if this was the case and indeed, we found 3 women between the ages of 24 and 27 and the 26-year-old detainee.

The situation was complex because the defendant suffers from health problems and is in charge of her brother, since her parents died of AIDS. Victim of the stigma and the situation caused by the COVID pandemic, she was unable to find work and in desperation she deceived three other girls to get money through prostitution and sexual exploitation.

Thus, we find ourselves once again in a situation of trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation caused by the vulnerability of the victims. In this case, we also add a component of health and work problems, linked to the situation of poverty and the difficulty of seeing these fundamental rights guaranteed. For this reason, the Mumbai Smiles team has decided not to join the accusation, and to offer the victims and accused the necessary accompaniment in order to guarantee a dignified life with opportunities for the future. Since in this specific case, the line between victim and perpetrator is especially blurred.

As always, we will continue to inform you of the situation of these survivors.

Help us ensure that more women can live a dignified life with opportunities #breakwithtrafficking

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