Rizwan has found a job for himslef

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Rizwan_ SonrisasdeBombay

Rizwan and Jaume Sanllorente in Mescladís, in Barcelona


In July we told you about Rizwan’s case. A 44-year-old man who after paying 10,000 euros had managed to leave Pakistan and reach Barcelona. He completed that 8-month arduous journey, walking barefoot for weeks without enough food and water only to work at a supermarket to get exploited. After an anonymous complaint and with the intervention of the police, this case of human trafficking reached #MumbaiSmiles. Since that moment, his life has taken a turn for good towards

dignity, independence and opportunity.

As we told you in the summer, we have accompanied Rizwan in learning languages, in the search for house, in knowing his environment, in basic resources and also, very importantly, for the job training in hospitality with Mescladís.

Now the expression on Rizwan’s face is different. Two days ago, he could attend a session with our founder and General Director Jaume Sanllorente to review his situation, his needs and to discuss future possibilities. Rizwan has found a job in a prestigious restaurant in Barcelona and although he still has to overcome many obstacles and make many arrangements, his dream of being able to bring his five children, three girls and two twins, along with his wife, is a little closer.

It will not be easy considering there are many uncertainties. However, now Rizwan seems much calmer and feels more secure. He has a support that has helped him to be self-sufficient. We count on all the people who support us so that we can be with him and many more who need to break the chains of trafficking.


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