Visit of the Regional Minister of the Generalitat of Catalonia to Mumbai Smiles

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Yesterday in Mumbai, we received the Hon. Ester Capella, Regional Minister of Catalonia.

The visit is part of an institutional mission, which was aimed to continue strengthening ties with the financial capital of India, to promote Catalan infrastructure and sign collaboration agreements, since India is a strategic country in Asia-Europe.

But beyond this objective, the institutional representative of the Generalitat in this mission has taken into account other variables of interest, for which we show our satisfaction and gratitude, such as knowing the impact that the work of organizations such as Mumbai Smiles has, which ensure respect for Human Rights and the development of the most disadvantaged communities, especially vulnerable to human trafficking.

The Minister visited the Marol area, where she was able to see our Smiling Bus, which recently celebrated its fourth 
anniversary in working against poverty. This is one of the areas with the greatest impact of our education, health and development projects. During the visit we had the opportunity to present our projects and most importantly the reality of the people we work with, members of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable communities and the impact they have on their lives.

In addition to this, we offered the Councilor a traditional welcome, with the warmth of the gestures of the families who offered handmade postcards and other artifacts such as the roses made by the trafficking survivors who live in our Udaan shelter home.

Without a doubt, it was a new opportunity for our work to transcend at the institutional level, thanks to the visit of the Hon. Minister with whom from this moment we hope to continue progressing in our mission.

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