Smiling Bus: 4 years of fight against poverty

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Fight against poverty on wheels

It’s been 4 years since our bus started its journey for the first time, with the aim of contributing to eradicating poverty and the vulnerability of the most disadvantaged communities to human trafficking.

Yesterday in Powai, we celebrated the anniversary of this project and most importantly, we did it in the presence of more than 500 people we have impacted positively over the years with our different activities.

During these years we have contributed to the informal education of those boys and girls who have the most difficulties accessing or attending school regularly. We introduced health and medical check-up camps in the areas where people were deprived from this facility. But we have done much more: we have encouraged reading, through the “Library on wheels” project and we have organized awareness and informative sessions with families about sexist violence or the dangers of falling into trafficking networks. In fact, we have created a children’s parliament to address this issue, which is also being conducted in the Smiling Bus. We have also helped process legal and identity documents to access aid. The latest news, as we recently announced that the Smiling Bus was going to offer a pioneering legal consulting service in India for the most disadvantaged communities in the country. Therefore, a group of the best jurists in the country will give access to legal knowledge and resources to those who have the most difficulty accessing justice.

In short, we are very proud that our bus has so many faces that impact in positive way in the communities we work with.Smiling Bus 4 años


Currently there are 5 areas where the Smiling Bus operates: Powai, Ccheda Nagar, Wadala, Vikhroli and Bhandup. Yesterday in Powai we celebrated the anniversary of the project with representatives of the community and organizations and institutions involved in the project.

The most excited, without a doubt, were the little ones. They listened attentively to the welcome and speeches, waiting for a very special moment for them. The presentation of the magazine that we have edited for the occasion. Not to be missed! It has been weeks of work and we love the result.

And finally, the moment of the cake arrived, which was also celebrated and anticipated, along with dancing!

On a day like today, which commemorates the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, we are especially excited to share the milestones of this project and celebrate them to continue working 365 days a year on our purpose and with your support.

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