Mumbai Smiles invited to the party for the 55th anniversary of the bilateral relations between Nepal and Spain

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Last Saturday, May 13, the Nepalese embassy in Spain organized a cultural event at the Zarzuela racetrack in Madrid to celebrate the 55th anniversary of bilateral relations between the two countries. More than 2,000 people including diplomats, businessmen, athletes, artists and humanitarian activists, along with members of the Nepali community in Spain, were invited to the event.

Our organization #MumbaiSmiles was represented by the president of the Board Members, Felicidad Barragán, and the Head of International Alliances, Jorge de Ory, who thus had the opportunity to personally greet Her Excellency Dr. Sarmila Parajuli Dhakal, Ambassador of Nepal in Spain, and Mr. Bimal Dhakal.

After the ambassador and her husband received the guests, the event began, which was presented by the actress Mónica Hoyos, with a few words of welcome from the ambassador herself, the interpretation of the Nepalese hymns and Spain, and an emotional speech by the Anglo-Nepali climber Adriana Brownlee.

Subsequently, there was a place for various musical performances, traditional dances, and other artistic and cultural acts. The central act, due to its striking and also symbolic nature, was a race between eight horses, each of which bore the name of one of the most important mountains in the Himalayas (Everest, Makalu, Kanchenjunga, etc.) . Although in this case it became clear that what is important is not so much the winner as the event itself, it should be noted that the one who crossed the finish line first was Annapurna.

In the words of our president, “We are very grateful to the Embassy of Nepal for inviting us to this very special event. After more than a year promoting our projects in the country, consolidating synergies with Nepali institutions is another step in our mission.”

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