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An earthquake of magnitude 6.4 hit Nepal on the night of November 3, especially hitting the districts of Jajarkot and Rukum, in the province of Karnali, with at least 157 deaths, dozens of injuries and thousands of houses totally and partially destroyed.

Although coordination with our team in Kathmandu has been difficult due to the connection failures, we have been able to advance the emergency work and for now, we can confirm that the beneficiaries and their families that we have been able to locate are alive, but many of their homes are destroyed.

Currently, we are promoting a community center in Kathmandu for prostituted women in the Thamel neighborhood, where they go in search of psychosocial support and to meet other women in the same situation and to get help from the social workers.

What impact has been on them of this earthquake?

Some of the women who visit the center were in their hometowns visiting their families on the occasion of Dashain, a great religious festival in Nepal. The earthquake found them outside their homes without clothes or food. Many of them have small children.

Namrata (not her real name) tells us: “After the earthquake, we are on the street. We cannot go inside to get our belongings and food because the house can collapse at any moment, since it is cracked everywhere. I am with my 6-year-old son. years and we both must survive with the food bought by one of the neighbors at the town grocery store.”

They also do not have a tent and are forced to spend the night outdoors on cold nights. Sunita (not her real name) says, “My son has a cold and is coughing a lot due to the cold and lack of warm clothes.”

Urgent need for help:

We have about 50 beneficiaries in the areas where the earthquake hit, which is one of the most vulnerable and remote in Nepal. They are from very poor families and this natural disaster has made their situation much worse.

We need your help: €15,000 is needed to provide basic food, hygiene kits and warm clothing to families so they can survive and protect themselves from the cold of the mountains.

Here are some examples of the products we have to purchase:

15 kg of rice for 200 families, which costs €2,500
100 tents, €3,500
50 blankets, equivalent to €1055
1000 sleeping mats are worth €2100
150 hygiene kits (soap, water, towels, serum, hot water bottles, sanitary napkins) cost €2,650

We count on your support to achieve it together.

We will appreciate if you share this information with those closest to you, so that we can allocate this help as soon as possible.


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