Preventive measures in schools

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Preventive measures in schools: session by Dr. Naushin

As we have already wrote these last days, on October 4, the schools began the process of reopening in person in the state of Maharashtra. At the moment, the process is focused on the higher grades and the return to school is marked by the implementation of certain measures to prevent the growth in the number of COVID-19 infections.

In this context, from Mumbai Smiles, we organized a session on how to prevent the spread of the disease with one of the schools we collaborate with, the Shivajirao Shendge school. The session was led by Dr. Naushin, who is in charge of our project that promotes access to health through the Smiling Bus, (a bus turned two years old this weekend and to whom we want to congratulate from this platform, for its work of promoting access to education and health for boys and girls from the poorest neighborhoods in Mumbai).

The content of the session focused on how to prevent the spread of the disease in this new phase of back to school so that students and their families feel calm and safe during this process. For this, a review of the main symptoms of the disease was made; reality versus myths about COVID-19 were addressed; a demonstration of how to maintain personal hygiene was carried out and a review of the main prevention measures.

Due to the capacity restrictions, we organized two sessions with the eighth, ninth and tenth standards; as always with the necessary social distance and the use of a mask.

The truth is that the participating boys and girls were very active and took the opportunity to share knowledge they had already acquired through TV or social networks and also to raise questions. They valued the session as very positive one, which has helped them feel more secure and protected; not only about going back to school, but also about getting home and dealing with the little ones or older ones in the family.

Thank you for helping us to make it possible!

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