The most awaited return to school!

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Preparation for the Return to School.

At last, the most awaited return to school has arrived in Maharashtra, the city of Mumbai. Since the first lockdown in India, at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, schools remained closed. The educational activity has continued but from distance, following different rules. This situation, although it was a good temporary solution, was taking a long time, when many other activities had already recovered.

In Mumbai Smiles we are especially concerned about this fact, since we are talking about a fundamental right, the right to education and it is clear that other interests and not only that of the fight against the pandemic, have passed over this. But finally, on October 4, girls and boys from the high school have been able to regain their presence.

It is certainly a good news, but many children are yet to be able to go back to school. In the case of the communities we work with, communities in a situation of social isolation, this is especially serious, since many families do not have the resources to follow distance education, for example, a mobile phone with a good connection. Even so, as you know, we have worked very hard so that not a single child has been left behind but it is necessary to move forward in this regard. Due to the precariousness to which many families are being plunged, we have data on the increase in cases of abuse and assault on minors. Going back to school can greatly help to detect them and to implement the necessary measures to protect these minors.

These days in the schools are happy days, there are reunions with the teachers and with friends. They are also days of learning the new protocols, since the return is made following the necessary measures to prevent the increase in cases of coronavirus and preserve the health status of the educational community.

At Mumbai Smiles, we are also happy to announce that from the project of  “Access to School” we are supporting 66 boys and girls, sons and daughters of victims of human trafficking and homeless families from the neighborhoods of Khetwadi, Bhandup and the Transit Camp where we work to continue their studies in four schools with which we collaborate. We have been preparing for this moment and it has finally arrived. Without a doubt, the best of the news. We hope to share more about this soon!


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