Nandhakumar: health and improvement

As you are aware, Following the merger with JAL, Leprosy Action Board, we made a commitment to continue their projects in South India. Among them is the Shine children’s home, which has [...]

Diabetes: its detection is a priority

On the occasion of the World Diabetes Day, which took place on November 14, we have promoted a series of activities to promote the detection of this disease. India is the second country in the [...]

Preventive measures in schools

Preventive measures in schools: session by Dr. Naushin As we have already wrote these last days, on October 4, the schools began the process of reopening in person in the state of Maharashtra. At [...]

Akhil Shinde and his struggle as a kid

After four months into the Covid-19 lockdown across the country when people were hoping to get back to some “new normal”, hoping to get some work to support their families, there was still a [...]

Will “Unlock” solve the problem?

Covid 19, better known as a “disease of the rich” has now affected the global economy and mostly the people in developing countries who live hand-to-mouth. Even Mumbai, a city of dreams for many, [...]

Food and shelter, the most urgent needs

Mumbai Smiles team is working tirelessly since the last three months giving priority to the food and shelter needs of the road side dwellers and the families who are connected to us through the [...]

14,900 people reached until now

We are in the 5th phase of lockdown, as recently declared by the Indian government, and Mumbai is amongst one of the cities which are highly affected by Covid 19 pandemic. While there are many [...]