Diabetes: its detection is a priority

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On the occasion of the World Diabetes Day, which took place on November 14, we have promoted a series of activities to promote the detection of this disease. India is the second country in the world with the highest number of cases, which is why it is very necessary to carry out this type of action, and especially among those communities that have more difficulties to follow healthy habits.

For this, we have visited 11 different areas with our Smiling Bus in order to carry out random diabetes tests in the communities with which we work and promote our projects. We have carried out 10 sessions and 337 people have participated. We also held preliminary information sessions online, in which more than 700 people participated. Those were the interactive sessions that helped a lot to share information clearly and easily and to inform about the dangers about including sugar and certain habits in your life

In addition, to carry out the pertinent tests and reviews, we have also pursued with this activity to sensitize the population and promote healthy habits that help prevent disease. As always, information is key to getting these people to know the symptoms, their consequences and how to avoid them.

In cases where the health problems were linked to this or other diseases have been detected, monitoring or reference to the medical center is been provided, when necessary. In these cases we pay special attention to how to take care of yourself and reduce the amount of sugar in your daily life.

During the activities, we have seen that many people are afraid to do the test, as the disease scares them. This fact has further reinforced the need we see to work in this line. In this type of action, the involvement of families through our nursery schools is essential, since it is a consolidated network that helps us a lot to convey the  information.

So with your support we will continue working with this purpose.


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