2021 in facts

  Today is the last day of the year and to close the path which we have made together, we want to share this infographic that summarizes 365 days of peaceful fight against poverty. It has [...]

Coming back to their homes

In Nuwakot, Nepal, we work hand in hand with the local organization Chhori, to prevent girls from the poorest rural communities from falling into the hands of human trafficking networks. For [...]

Nandhakumar: health and improvement

As you are aware, Following the merger with JAL, Leprosy Action Board, we made a commitment to continue their projects in South India. Among them is the Shine children’s home, which has [...]

Marala: 12 crucial hours

Marala’s story is our one more important step because we are talking about a life, but it is also necessary to follow other steps which will help more girls and women to be free. As you [...]

Diabetes: its detection is a priority

On the occasion of the World Diabetes Day, which took place on November 14, we have promoted a series of activities to promote the detection of this disease. India is the second country in the [...]