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In Nuwakot, Nepal, we work hand in hand with the local organization Chhori, to prevent girls from the poorest rural communities from falling into the hands of human trafficking networks.

For this, groups of 10 girls participate for 3 months in a training stage at different levels. They learn, for example, sewing and hairdressing techniques, but information about human trafficking is also key and especially the workshops that help them develop their capacities to trust themselves and relate to the environment to the maximum.

A very important task is to follow up with these girls once they finish this process. Today we want to explain a little bit of their lives by returning to their reality. There are some very interesting facts! This is how it has been for these two groups of girls:

Many of them when they return tot heir home can earn a living from sewing. Some join the family business or third parties, with their new sewing machine and bring new techniques and others start their own business. There have been two female entrepreneurs in the last two groups!

Another piece of information that makes us especially excited is that almost all the girls pass on to their community the knowledge they have acquired to combat human trafficking. They do it through talks with youth groups or in schools. More than 800 people have participated in these sessions, the majority of them have died at different ages.

Although it is true that in cases where the situation is more complicated for different reasons and the support is less, the process is not easy and they experience many difficulties to develop their projects. For this reason, there are cases in which we continue to accompany them to guide them professionally or psychologically.

Now, it is very satisfying to see that although it is difficult, many make important changes, set limits, have goals and try hard to live the full and free life that they deserve to live.



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