Vitamin Angels: Your commitment makes you better not your promises

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At Mumbai Smiles, we are dedicated to working not only for child education but also committed towards ensuring good health for all our beneficiaries because only good health can help you sustain in such difficult times. The life threatening Covid-19 pandemic proved that a strong immunity played a key role to help survive in the current situation.

This year, due to the on-going pandemic we have not been able to open our preschools to children; however, we are reaching out to our students through alternate channels such as mobiles and online sessions. All the teachers are taking great initiative to prepare creative online lessons for the children.

While focusing on the education of the children, we are not ignoring their health and Vitamin Angels who are contributing to our healthy child healthy world mission are with us in these difficult times.

For our student’s safety we could not administer Vitamin A and de-worming tablets this year, but we are preparing our teachers for the future necessities. Vitamin Angels are taking efforts to guide and train our teachers for this. They have conducted online sessions with all our teachers where they explained how to take care while administering these medicines to a child taking necessary care amid the Covid-19 outbreak. Also, they have provided guidelines for taking precautions during Coronavirus spread and given guidelines on how to use sanitizers, how to treat a corona affected patient and how to stay safe while helping others.

We are thankful to Vitamin angels for their great efforts and help. Now, all the teachers who are certified Vitamin Angels are more confident to face the future goals.

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