Anika, Deepti and Gaurav: Thank You!

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The story of Anika, Deepti and Gaurav makes us smile as since last few months they have been working hard to be able to face the serious consequences of the pandemic and to prevent a very possible third wave.

Although the work of Mumbai Smiles as always has been with the most sensitive part of the world, that is people, from whom we never lose sight, in the current moment of so much uncertainty of essential variants such as health, work and the well-being of our loved ones, the pressure has multiplied.

For this reason, we value even more those people that life give us. Today we want to pay a special tribute to Anika (participant of Life Skills Empowerment), Deepti (mother of one of the LSE girls) and the members of the community we work with in the Kamathipura red light district and Gaurav who is our Life Skills Empowerment participant from Bandhup.

Despite their own difficulties, which are not less, when the situation got complicated they quickly contacted the Mumbai Smiles team to help in the work we are carrying out and also helped to create awareness about covid-19 amongst their neighbours and to make records for vaccination. Three of them dedicate part of their time to walking the streets of their neighbourhoods and contributing to this peaceful fight against the pandemic and its most lethal variant: poverty.

Really, cases like these fill us with pride. Seeing your involvement with the community, putting into practice what has been worked in our Life Skills Empowerment workshops or in the talks we organize, and feeling part of a project and agents of change, is what truly gives meaning to our slogans #TransformingFutures and # WeAreOne.

It is time to take care of each other and Anika, Deepti and Gaurav are putting it into practice and demonstrating it.


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