Anika, Deepti and Gaurav: Thank You!

The story of Anika, Deepti and Gaurav makes us smile as since last few months they have been working hard to be able to face the serious consequences of the pandemic and to prevent a very [...]


Namaste, hyalo, and namaskara mean “hello” in Hindi, Nepali, and Bengali. At Smiles from Bombay we have learned to say “hello” in these three languages ​​because we have [...]

Natxo Echevarría: Thank You for Everything!

We introduce you to Natxo Echevarría, one more volunteer from our fantastic volunteer team. Natxo is pure enthusiasm and today you will meet him through his interview and understand that this is [...]

Thank You!

Today we want to send you a big THANK YOU! As you know in recent months, we are focusing our efforts on alleviating the terrible consequences that #SecondWave of #COVID19 is having in India and [...]

12th Photo Contest “One Click, One Smile”

We present you with the 12th Edition of our Photography Contest “One Click, One Smile” and this year it is entitled as “Celebrations and traditions of India”. Through this [...]

Sarojini Naidu and Her Story

Sarojini was a poet and activist during the struggle of India’s independence, nicknamed “The nightingale of India.” She was one of the leading freedom fighters of women’s rights [...]

Seeds against Domestic Violence

Seeds against Domestic Violence At Mumbai Smiles one of the priorities is to create awareness about violence against women; therefore, we continue to sow seeds against violence against women to [...]