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Namaste, hyalo, and namaskara mean “hello” in Hindi, Nepali, and Bengali. At Smiles from Bombay we have learned to say “hello” in these three languages ​​because we have also started working in Nepal and Bangladesh.
We are expanding our action beyond Bombay to continue fighting peacefully against poverty.
If human trafficking knows no borders, we will build bridges wherever it is necessary so that trafficked women and their children do not fall into it.

Over the next few weeks we will introduce you to the organizations with which we will network in Calcutta, Nepal and Bangladesh, as well as the main activities that we are going to develop and their objectives. All focused on getting more women to break the chains of trafficking or avoid being subjected, themselves and their children to this form of slavery.

If you join us on this journey, we are determined to continue a story that began in Bombay 16 years ago so that more and more people will have a free and dignified life.
We go further to be closer.

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