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We are going to tell you about the Life Skills Empowerment girls, but first, we want to say one thing, something that is very certain: working with boys and girls in the preschool education project, and with young people, to continue promoting access to education and to develop their capacities to the maximum, give us millions happy and proud moments, which prevail over difficulties and obviously, we are not talking only about satisfaction in the academic field, we are especially excited to see this humanity unfold.

These last few months have been difficult for everyone. In his case, most of the classes are online since the beginning of the first lockdown. An important change that affects their socialization which added to the general uncertainty and the situations in their families, often leave a complicated results. We work with the realities so that children and young people can continue studying and feeling safe, as well as their basic needs get covered.

Today we want to speak about the girls from the Life Skills Empowerment group, with whom we started working in 2017. We could see back then that the lack of resources and different addictions such as alcohol or drugs do not affect only the adults, also the young ones. That is why we dedicate ourselves with a lot of effort and will to this group of girls.

The reception from their families, at first, was not particularly positive. For this reason, our colleague Prafullata started working with the girls and their families both to involve parents in a process, which otherwise would have possibly failed.

Influencing the importance of education was one of her main objectives and slowly this principle was permeating families. Under other important issues we detected the results of what child abuse and child marriages imply.

Well, after two such exceptional courses, which have not been easy at all for many reasons, we can say that the girls in this group have once again obtained good results in their studies. In Mumbai Smiles we are very proud but the best thing is, their families are also proud and support them in pursuing their dreams.

We feel double satisfied!

Finally we would like to conclude this with what Jaume Sanllorente and Prafullata have to say. Prafullata says: “I am very proud of my girls. For them I am not just a teacher, I am also a friend, a reference. They share with me their good and bad experiences and ask for my suggestions and advice ”.

We are sure that these academic notes will help them in their career and achieve better things, but as our Founder and General Director says, “above all I am excited to see that they are good people and I hope they have a good life”.

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