Summer Camp For Little kids

Javier Lopez Soldado from Madrid visited Mumbai Smiles on 24th April 2018.  After his initial visit to the Projects sites, he was so thrilled and excited and loved the projects so much that that  [...]

Teachers Training Workshop

Hot Wednesday afternoon is pretty intense it seems! This year, we decided to restructure and re-frame our teaching modules for Preschool children. Our teachers have gathered at Powai Center to [...]

LSE Project for Girl’s Ending Ceremony

At Sangharshnagar (Powai) Municipal school on 30th March, our Life skill Education Beneficiaries got together to wind up the 2017-18 LSE education session. It was a fun filled event.  Ines Ramos [...]

Hand-in-Hand, Mumbai Smiles grows

Way back in 2004, Jaume Sanllorente, a young journalist from Spain came to India for the second time, this time determined to make a change – change the social reality of extreme inequality and [...]

WalkimBCN supports Mumbai Smiles

For the past three years, Walkim Foundation, along with Euro Fitness has been organizing a non-competitive Nordic Walking Marathon to integrate sports and health with leisure and solidarity.      [...]

Anonymous Hero: Tahseen Salmani

Meet 34 year old Tahseen Salmani, who, with her dedication and perseverance changed her life! Tahseen and her family hail from Bihar. But this state being one of the less developed ones in our [...]

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