Nutrition Care for 60 XDR-TB Patients

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XDR-TB stands for Extensively Drug Resistant Tuberculosis, a kind of TB that is caused by bacteria resistant to some of the most effective anti-TB drugs. And the team of Infectious Diseases project, which works towards providing medical support to the slum citizens of our project areas for prevention, protection and possible cure of five diseases – Malaria, Dengue, TB, HIV and Leprosy, recently organized a Nutrition Care camp for these patients of XDR-TB in our Bhandup project area.

According to research, almost 1 in every 4 people in the world are already infected with one or another kind of TB but the bacteria remains inactive for many and only in case of severe fall in an individual’s immunity, does this bacteria becomes active. And at a time like this, nutrition plays a very important role. If the patient’s nutrition is good then their medicines will work better on them and the patient will be able to get cured and recover much faster than someone who isn’t focusing on good nutrition.

At this nutrition camp, a total of 60 patients were given nutrition packages which included dry fruits. These 60 patients included adults and children alike. The idea is to get the citizens into the habit of eating healthy to ensure that their medicines work on them better and faster and they can heal faster. And to support us with this Nutrition Care Camp, we had the support of District TB Officer (Mumbai Municipal Corporation), Dr. Niranjan and his team who provided a group counseling session to all the TB patients at this Camp and their families about the myths surrounding TB, on maintaining hygiene, on ensuring completion of the course of medicines and on ensuring intake of good nutrition. A big thank you to Dr. Niranjan for this time and expertise to help us and our citizens!

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