Swara: Positive and Very Hard Working

Today we introduce you to Swara Kadam, a member of Mumbai Smiles since 2017. She is a teacher in one of our kindergartens in Chheda Nagar. How did you hear about Mumbai Smiles? I have been [...]

Community Health – Archana and Kajal Case

Under the Community Health Project, we provide free check-up and medical care to all our beneficiaries through the Smiling Bus project. However, we are unable to reach out to our beneficiaries [...]

March 8, International Women’s Day!

On March 8 we commemorate the femicide of a group of textile workers who were burned to death in New York while claiming their labor rights more than a century ago. During all these years, 8M has [...]

Be Strong to face any challenges in Your Life

Today we are going to meet one more team member who is associated with Mumbai Smiles for more than 10 years and since then has been a part of its every success story. She says be strong enough [...]

Learning Math is Fun with Mumbai Smiles

We all have fond memories from our school days; the mistakes we did, the fun we had with friends. Some of us even remember good teachers who used to teach their subject with great interest so [...]

We Are Equal. Really?

“Want to gift a present? It’s simple. If it’s a girl buy a cute doll and if it’s a boy buy some electronic games or cricket equipment.” “You are a boy. You cannot wear pink shirt!” “You are a [...]

Happy 72nd Republic Day!

We wish you all a very happy Republic Day! Today is one of the important days for all the Indians. Every year we celebrate The Republic day and the day of the Inception of the Indian Constitution [...]

Online learning during COVID-19 pandemic

Can learning maths be easy? Yes, @MumbaiSmilesNGO our preschool team take great efforts to make different and creative educational videos for our students. These teaching techniques make learning [...]

Rohan, Rohit and Her Struggle to Survive

Reshma was a mother of two preschool beneficiaries, Rohan and Rohit, aged 6 and 7 years respectively. The children have been studying in our preschool situated in Chheda Nagar since the last 2 [...]