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We all have fond memories from our school days; the mistakes we did, the fun we had with friends. Some of us even remember good teachers who used to teach their subject with great interest so much so that their teachings have got deeply ingrained on our minds and we never forget their teachings in our life. From the array of subjects like history, geography, sciences and craft, Math was often seen as probably the most difficult subject to learn and many even having nightmares and bad dreams of the subject.

We can’t deny the fact that Mathematics is everywhere in our lives. Be it music, art or the natural surroundings around us, Math is everywhere. Learning math is an essential thing of everyone’s life. It helps us identify patterns, improves our analytical thinking and channelizes our brains to handle day to day challenges. Therefore, it is important to teach Math right from the childhood age.

However, learning to teach the subject can lead to wonders with kids even loving and embracing a seemingly difficult subject like Math. Bombarding them with rules and endless numbers is not going to help kids learn the fun part of Math. Math should be a journey through which children should express their curiosity, take time to think, to question and analyze on their own. They should come up with their own ideas even if the ideas seem weird and only then the process of learning gets interesting and easy. Children are growing through their imagination and sometimes they happen to learn even before their teacher is giving them the answers.

In Mumbai Smiles our preschool teachers are taking efforts to make creative lesson plans for our students, be it for a language lessons or for Math class. Their innovative ideas make learning easy and a part of everyday life. After all, learning math has to be an adventure and fun for kids.

In this video, one of our preschool teachers has explained the subtraction topic while taking our students on a garden visit. Due to the current pandemic situation our preschool children are going to watch this video from their homes. Being able to relate it to their lives and surroundings has made learning Math fun and has also enabled them to  enjoy the learning process with their parents.

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