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Our Visitor’s Silvia Andres Arnaiz visited Mumbai Smiles through our New Glances Project to better understand the work of our organization and also spend a wonderful day with our beneficiaries. Silvia along with her friend Miguel were from Madrid and visited us on 30th July. The projects that they visited were the Balwadis, HOPE Project & SEED (Women Empowerment Project). Here is what they have to say about us – Thank you very much for the visit. It has been a gratifying experience. We would love to colaborate as the the experience and the activities you develop are very important and well organized and you all carry it out with a lot of love! Thank you very much- Silvia Andres Arnaiz .

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  • Kalidas Rote

    I am delighted to see visitors playing with Balwadi kids. I salute visitors for their enthusiasm and involvement toward humanity.

  • Kalidas Rote

    I salute visitors for their enthusiasm and involvement toward humanity.

  • Gonzalo Stumpff

    Comments made by Josephine Feeney, local children’s author after a visit to Stokes Wood on 22nd April 2015, in an e mail. Thanks for your great welcome and help this morning.

  • Smithd835

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