Amita: looking for an escape

Amita is the mother of one of a preschool students in Mumbai, encouraged by the teachers who were previously part of the Mumbai Smiles team and who now lead their own project. Beyond having a [...]

An opportunity for Lavanya

Lavanya is 17 years old and lives in Nala Sopara, a town in the Mumbai metropolitan city. Her mother died when she was born, while her older brother was adopted by an her uncle who lived in Goa, [...]

A two week nightmare

The disappearance of a son or daughter is one of the worst nightmares a family can experience. This is true anywhere in the world. but for families with few resources and when it seems that some [...]

Kavita: chasing the future

To explain the story of Kavita and her effort to pursue a dignified future, we have to start with the story of another woman, Komal. Komal lives in Khadavali (W) in Thane district (Maharashtra) [...]