Our Dedicated Volunteer Support

Apoorva Salvi She joined Mumbai Smiles as a volunteer for the Health Department. A dentist by profession, she has She is a volunteer for the Health Department. She is a Dentist by profession and has completed her studies in Bachelor in Dental [...]

International Women’s Day

“There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women”. – Kofi Annan A day to celebrate the strife of women to achieve social, economic, cultural and political recognition worldwide. It is a continuous [...]

Parents Meeting at all 30 Balwadis

Parents meet is extremely crucial for a smooth functioning of the Balwadis. This allows us to get an idea and understand in depth rooms for improvement, if any. A review is conducted of the previous month’s activities; this was the last [...]

Dental Camp Organised at Partner School

To create awareness about dental related problems and provide low cost and feasible dental treatment for the school children from the 5th-10th Std; a dental camp was organised in collaboration with Indian Dental Association at R. C. Maruti [...]

Visit Organised for Delegates from JAL Association

To maintain transparency of our work; from time to time we invite visitors to visit our Projects for themselves and get first-hand information of the same. On the 29th of February, two visitors came down to our office;  Berta, the Vice President [...]

Farewell Ceremony of 12th Std Students at Partner School

The school is over and the real world beyond awaits. Recently, we celebrated the farewell of 12th Std students from one of our partner school, R.C.Maruti. These also included 20 of our Future Smiles and Girl Child Education Project [...]

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